Facts, Figures and History

Facts and Figures

Year Started: 1987

Membership: 20+ current active members

Governance: Elected, non-compensated board of directors consisting of 5 officers: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and past president.

Funding Sources: Spray Masters Water Ski Team is funded solely through donations, traditional fundraising advertising, sponsorships and membership dues. The organization does not receive any public funding for it’s operations.

Performances: We perform shows on various lakes throughout SE Michigan.

Show Site: Our home site is on Big Lake at 5925 Morning Dr Davisburg.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 70 Davisburg, MI 48350

General Inquiries: 248-564-6141 or email: spraymasters.waterskiteam@gmail.com

Products/Services: Education and Entertainment

Audience: Residents of Clarkston/Davisburg and SE Michigan seeking to learn about water-skiing and safe boating and be entertained by our performances.


  • We have competed in 4 different states. (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa)
  • Won the Michigan State Tournament in 2000, 2001, and 2002. (tournament was canceled in 2002)
  • Won the Great Lakes Invitational Tournament in 2005
  • Only team to perform a pyramid Around-the-Boat act.


Past show themes:

2019: Meet the Team

2018: Ski

2017: Back to Basics

2016: Skiers Got Talent

2015: Celebration of Music

2014: James Bond

2013: James Bond

2012: Three Ring Skircus

2011: Three Ring Skircus

2010: Top Gun Ski School

2009: Top Gun

2008: A Boat Load of Blues

2007: The Blues Brothers

2006: Ski-VO

2005: Skizard of Oz

2004: Lost Scenes from “Indiana Jones”

2003: Around the World in 60 Minutes

2002: Under the Sea

2001: Fanta-ski Island

2000: Olympic Highlights

1999: The Ski-father

1998: Pirates of Bridgewater Bay

1997: Little Bit Country – A Little Bit Rock-N-Roll

1996: Island Adventure

1995: Holi-daze

1994: Holi-daze

1993: A Country Jamboree

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