Member Awards

Spray Masters Water Ski Team honors two members each year that go above and beyond.

Bob Dowling Award

Presented to the Spray Master member who has shown outstanding leadership and dedication to the team during the year

1995: Kurt Bemmam

1996: Mark Skibowski

1997: Kathy Harris

1998: Eric Zacks

1999: Brad Shea/Eric Zacks

2000: Shawn McLouth

2001: Dianne Vowell

2002:  Marian Lawson

2003: Steve and Shelley Kirchner

2004: Steve and Shelley Kirchner

2005: Eric and Renee Zacks

2006: Shelley Kirchner

2007: Mike O’Donnell

2008: Brenda McLouth

2009: Brenda McLouth

2010: Steve Kirchner

2011: Laura Wendt

2012: Brendan Kirchner

2013: Mike Tierney

2014: Karissa Ritthaler

Skip and Sheryl Wendt Award

Presented to the Spray Masters member who has shown the most extra effort in supporting the club during the year.

1995: Jim Kitson

1996: Robin Erkfritz

1997: Doug Ritthaler

1998: Ben Schneider

1999: Sydney Bassett

2000: Kathi Ritthaler

2001: Laura Wasiel

2002: Amy and Scott Valmassei

2003: Brenda McLouth

2004: Kathy Kos

2005: Shawn and Brenda McLouth

2006: Brian Quigley

2007: Greg Kazmierski

2008: Marian Lawson

2009: Fred VanderVoord

2010: Sue VanderVoord

2011: Tom Murphy

2012: Cathy Murray

2013: Matthew McLouth

2014: Cliff Buffet


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